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In this crazy “Internet Marketing” world, anyone could appear on-line to be legitimate. Many web sites make claims that may or may not be accurate, as a patient, how do you determine which site is legitimate, and which one is there to simply “hook” the patient?

Here is a Questionnaire that we developed and had our surgeons approve for you to use   where ever you go:


How many obesity surgeries has my surgeon performed?

I am interested in having the (circle one) [LAP-BAND® System] [Gastric Bypass] procedure. How many procedures of this kind has the facility performed?

How many of this type of surgery has my surgeon performed?

Is the facility a Medicare approved facility? (Even though you are not a Medicare patient, a facility that is Medicare certified is held to federally regulated standards.)

Is my Surgeon Board Certified (Unfortunately, there are many non-board certified Surgeons operating, it is not illegal to do so, however, we only recommend lead surgeons who are board certified)

What is the Pre-op program?

What is the Post-op program?

Cost is a different issue:
Often patients are made promises prior to surgery, that the hospital, or surgery center, ultimately does not honor. The patients end up with tens of thousands of dollars owed, and no one to help. Here is your financial list of questions:


What is my maximum out-of-pocket cost?

Is this all inclusive? Does it include the facility as well as all professional fees associated with my stay?

Do you have any Zero out-of-pocket programs (we do only in certain cases)?

Do you guarantee the maximum out-of-pocket for the doctor, assistant, anesthesiologist, and hospital? Would you put this in writing?

If my insurance denies me coverage, would you attempt to get them to overturn the decision? Would you do the surgery for a $10,000 deposit?

print friendly formatClick here (it is a pdf document) to print this list so you can take it with you to your appointment. Our staff would be happy to fill it out and sign and date it. Or take it to any doctors office and ask them to do the same.

I would like to make an appointment.

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